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Family Dentistry

Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Brooklyn

Family Dentistry in BrooklynWith countless activities to handle, many families find it difficult to make time for routine dental appointments. That's why having a family dentist that can cater to the needs of every family member is invaluable. With a family dentist, all your needs can be met under one roof, irrespective of age or dental needs. At Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope, we provide family dental care for families in Brooklyn and surrounding communities. You can be confident that everything will be handled in one convenient location, allowing every family member to get the dental services they need.

At our practice, we strive to help every patient attain and maintain long-term dental health. Our dentists are committed to providing personalized quality services for the whole family. We will address all your dental needs from childhood through adulthood and well into your golden years. Call our office to schedule your first appointment with our family dentist in Brooklyn.


What Is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is designed to provide dental care and treatment to every member of the family. Each stage of life faces unique dental needs and challenges, and a family dentist knows how to tailor treatment to provide comprehensive care for all. Our Brooklyn family dentists provide treatment and dental care for the entire family. We'll keep detailed records of every individual's dental and medical history and use the information to provide comprehensive treatment for all. You'll be able to coordinate appointments for multiple family members at once, making it easier for everyone to get the care they need without straining your schedule.

Proactive Dental Services for Adults and Seniors

brooklyn emergency dentistMany adults skip regular dental examinations and cleanings because of busy schedules. However, oral care is essential for adults and seniors at any age. Health, mobility, and lifestyle factors can increase your risk of common oral health issues, including gum disease and tooth loss. Adults and seniors may also experience a higher risk of dental damage and wear after decades of constant use.

Our Brooklyn family dentist can provide effective dental cleanings and examinations to help you protect your smile and promote long-term dental health. We offer scaling and root planing services to eliminate gum disease and reduce your risk of tooth loss. We can create custom restorations dentures, crowns, and bridges to rebuild or replace severely damaged or lost teeth. Our dentist also provides root canal therapy for infected teeth to help you save your tooth and preserve your natural smile.

Professional Dental Treatment for Teenagers

Teenagers often face a variety of dental problems caused by hectic lifestyles, poor eating habits, and hormonal changes. Our dentists can support good oral health in teens by educating them on areas they should focus on and providing tips they can easily follow. We can also offer cosmetic services to boost the confidence of our teen patients. Our Brooklyn family dentist offers teeth extraction services when needed and will monitor your teen's smile to determine whether they require orthodontic treatment.

Gentle Dental Care for Children

Helping your child develop good dental habits at an early age is critical to building a foundation of good oral health for their entire life. Our Brooklyn family dentist offers reliable, kid-friendly dental treatment for children four years and above. Our treatment focuses detecting and preventing oral health and development issues and helping your child feel comfortable receiving dental treatment.

Our team promotes confidence with positive dental visits for children, from oral hygiene education to examinations and cleanings. We use easy-to-understand language when dealing with children to help them understand concepts and learn the right way to protect their gums and teeth.

Professional Family Dentistry in Brooklyn

If you need dental care for the whole family, you can trust the team at Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope. Our dentists are skilled in providing dental services for patients of all ages. We use modern technology and innovative techniques to help you and your loved ones enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. We accept CareCredit® and most PPOs to help patients get the dental services they need. Call our office today to set up your first appointment with our Brooklyn family dentist.