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Root Canal Therapy

Gentle Root Canal Therapy in Brooklyn

If you are suffering from dental pain or discomfort caused by tooth infection or trauma, root canal therapy can help to save your tooth. At Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope, we provide gentle root canal treatment in Brooklyn to alleviate your pain and restore your smile. Our team has been providing Brooklyn root canal services for years, and we'll do all we can to put your health and comfort first at every step.

Our team will do everything possible to ensure your natural tooth structure is preserved and functionality restored. We provide emergency treatment with same-day care so you can find quick, effective relief. Our friendly practice is ready to eliminate the pain and help you return to your everyday life. Reach out today to schedule your appointment for experienced root canal therapy you can trust.


What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment that helps restore oral health in cases where the root chamber or pulp is infected. When bacteria get into the inner tooth, they can cause infection and inflammation of the tissues, nerves, and blood vessels known as the tooth pulp. Root canal therapy removes the infected pulp causing you pain and discomfort. Prompt root canal treatment can help save your natural tooth structure and eliminate the need for an extraction.

Who Needs Root Canal Therapy in Brooklyn?

Many signs can indicate an infected tooth. If you or your loved one experiences these symptoms, scheduling a dental visit immediately is essential. Waiting for treatment allows the infection to worsen or spread and may lower the dentist's ability to perform root canal therapy successfully. Some of the symptoms of an infected tooth include:

  • Consistently swollen or bleeding gums
  • Unexpected or sudden tooth pain
  • Pain when chewing
  • Dark tooth enamel
  • Sensitivity to cold and hot foods or beverages
  • A severely damaged or decayed tooth
  • Abscess on gums

In the end, only a dentist can determine whether you have an infection and require root canal treatment. We strive to get you into our dental practice as soon as possible, and we can offer same-day emergency appointments.

The Brooklyn Root Canal Treatment Process

root canal treatment in BrooklynWhen you come in for your initial therapy, we will start all our appointments with a thorough assessment of your gums, jaws, and teeth. Our dentist may recommend root canal therapy if you have a tooth infection. We can offer nitrous oxide or oral sedation whenever necessary, combined with a local anesthetic, to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed during your root canal treatment.

During the root canal process, an access point is created in the enamel to remove the infected pulp. After all the pulp has been removed, the tooth will be disinfected and filled with antibacterial material to help promote healing. A temporary crown is then fitted on your tooth. Ensure you follow the dentist's instructions as you await the final step.

The final step usually takes two weeks for your custom-made crown to be fabricated. We invite you back to our office to place the final crown, protecting your tooth from further infection and damage.

Is a Root Canal Treatment Safe?

Root canal therapy is a safe procedure that has been refined and optimized with modern technology and techniques. Our team has provided root canal therapy for countless patients in Brooklyn to help them protect their smiles. We take the time to carefully assess your tooth structure and the extent of the infection so that we can tailor the treatment to your unique needs.

Is a Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Patients with teeth infection will feel pain because the infection affects the nerves found in the root chamber. With root canal treatment, the infected nerves and tissues are removed, eliminating the root cause of your pain. A local anesthetic makes treatment more comfortable for you, and for most patients, a root canal treatment is similar to receiving a dental filling. We will do everything possible to maximize your comfort during the root canal process.

Can I Get Emergency Root Canal Treatment?

At our practice, we provide same-day appointments to determine the cause of your pain and develop a custom-made dental treatment plan. You can get the emergency root canal in Brooklyn you require by calling our office during business hours to book your emergency appointment. Our dentists will provide treatment in-house to ensure you get back to your everyday life.

Compassionate Brooklyn Root Canal Treatment

If you are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, our team at Advanced Gentle Dentistry of Park Slope can help. We understand the importance of having functional and healthy teeth and will do everything possible to protect your natural tooth structure. Our reliable and safe root canal treatment in Brooklyn can eliminate infection and help preserve your dental and overall health. Contact our office to book your appointment and determine whether root canal treatment can help you.