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Same day crowns

Broken tooth?  No problem.

We make single crown in our office.  Using a 3D dental scanner and intelligent milling machine.  Dr. Sarji and Dr. Kang can make you a crown in the same day.

Just like a 3D printer but instead of adding materials, Our milling computer follow the designs created by Dr. Sarji and Dr. Kang to carve a porcelain block into a beautiful crown.

We use the highest quality porcelain BruxZir and BruxZir Aethetics.  By know it well known that metals are toxic.  BruxZir is a healthy porcelain that is very strong and is the best alternative to metal crowns.

Using 3D scanners and intelligent computer software we reduce dental impression that are harmful to our environment.

At the same time we give the best fitting crowns because we eliminate human errors introduced by impression  and dental technicians.

Our porcelain is strong, healthy, beautiful.